Why should I choose to raise money with Gift of Music funding instead of “GoFundMe” or others? 

First, we’re a non-profit organization in business to help musicians and performers like you.  Next, our fees are significantly lower, AND donors have the option to cover the credit card processing fee, which means more of the money you work to raise goes to help pay your tuition costs.  Plus, the small 3.5% fee we keep goes directly to help music programs and students in need!

How do I create my fundraising campaign? 

From the custom landing page for your drum corps/organization, simply click the “Start Fundraising Now” Button in the middle of the page.  Follow the step by step instructions, and in just a few minutes, you will be up and running!  Once we review and approve your page, you’ll be able to share and start raising money immediately.

Is there a minimum or maximum amount I can raise? 

Not at all!  How much you need and want to raise is completely up to you. 

How can I share my fundraising campaign with friends & family? 

On the left side of your fundraising campaign page, there are links to share your campaign via social media and e-mail.  Remember, the more places and times you share, the more funds you are likely to raise.

Do I need a bank account to create a fundraising account? 

No.  All net proceeds from your fundraising campaign are automatically paid to your drum corps/organization each month on your behalf and for credit to your member account.  You focus on performing instead of worrying about handling the money!

Can I choose to have the money sent to me instead? 

No.  All net proceeds from your fundraising campaign are automatically paid to your drum corps/organization each month on your behalf and for credit to your member account.  You focus on performing instead of worrying about handling the money!  Plus, there’s no temptation to spend it for another use than it was intended.

What happens if I don’t meet my fundraising goal?   

All net funds raised are paid to your drum corps/organization, so regardless of whether or not you hit your goal you receive credit for the amount that you do raise.  We don’t have an “all or nothing” penalty like some other crowdfunding programs!

What happens if I exceed my goal? 

This is a good problem to have, right?  Since all money is paid directly to your drum corps/organization, you could possibly end up with a “credit balance” in your member account.   Depending on the policies and procedures of your corps, you may be able to retain and apply this credit to pay for other expenses during the season, roll over to another member or year, or receive a refund.

How will I know that funds have been paid to my drum corps/organization?  

Each month (on or around the 20th) we will send a check and detailed accounting for each member directly to your drum corps/organization.  They should provide you with a receipt for this payment per their policy/procedure concerning member accounts and payments.  If you need additional help, or suspect an error, please contact us at crowdfunding@giftofmusic.org with your name and drum corps/organization. 

How long does it take to have the funds credited to my member account? 

Payments are made once per month (on or around the 20th) and will include all funds raised in the previous month.  For instance, if you raise $1,000 in January, and $750 in February, the $1,000 payment will be made in February, the $750 payment in March, and so on.  We will send the funds promptly to your drum corps/organization, but we have no control over how long it takes each corps/organization to credit your member account. 

What happens to the money if I drop out, am cut, or otherwise leave the organization?

Payments Already Made to the Organization on your Behalf: 

Any payment already submitted to the drum corps/organization on your behalf falls under their policy and rules concerning member accounts, payments, and refunds, as if you had made the payment yourself.  You would need to speak to them directly.   

Money in your Crowdfunding Account not yet paid out: 

Once we receive word of your change in status, you will have thirty (30) days to request that a refund be issued to you.  If you leave the organization involuntarily (you are “cut”,) we will refund 100% of the remaining balance in your crowdfunding account.  If you leave the organization voluntarily (you drop out or leave for any other reason), a 20% early-termination fee will be assessed, with the remaining balance refunded to you. If official notification of your status change is not received, or a refund request not made within thirty (30) days, any remaining funds will be equally divided and distributed to the drum corps/organization and the Foundation.  For accounting purposes, this would be considered a donation to both of these not-for-profit organizations.

NOTE: We require an official verification from the drum corps/organization at crowdfunding@giftofmusic.org confirming your change in status, or payments from your account will continue to be made as if you’re still an active member.  You may also e-mail us directly with this information, but we will still need to verify and receive confirmation from someone at your drum corps/organization, which may take longer. 

Who is “Network for Good?” 

Network for Good is a non-profit partner with The Gift of Music Foundation that processes all payments for your fundraising campaign, as well as the internet backbone of the system that makes your page possible.  Donors will see “Network for Good” on their credit card or bank statement.