Funding your campaign with Gift of Music is better!

We put more money directly into your campaign, not into a giant, for-profit company

We have a simple fee structure that is much less than other crowdfunding sites:

Gift of Music Flat Fee per Donation:  3.5% 

Credit Card Processing (CCP) Fee:  2.9% **

**Each donor has the option to cover this fee on your behalf.  Many will choose to do so, but are not obligated.

Let’s look at a simple example:

You collect $400 via 10 donations, where donors choose to pay the CCP fee

You collect $100 via 2 donations, with donors electing NOT to cover the CCP fee

You’ve received $500 total gross donations

Minus $17.50 (3.5% Cost per Donation, total)

Minus $2.90 (2.9% on $100 in donations)

$479.60 Net to Member.  

(Compare to GoFundMe who charges 5% fee, plus 2.9% CCP fee and $0.30 per transaction.  

In the same example, your $500 in donations would result in $456.89 net paid to member)