shutterstock_268126298The grant program is designed to support:

a.) Music programs that display a financial need and

b.) Other music and fine arts related non-profits that serve the community.

Funding for the arts continues to dwindle in public schools, and is virtually non-existent for independent music programs.  Despite charging member dues and fund-raising activities, many music programs still find themselves “in the red” financially year after year and are forced to offer less performance and/or educational opportunities to make up the difference.  Sometimes, the music program is forced to shut down altogether.

One of the missions of The Gift of Music Foundation is to help deserving music programs to grow and succeed and prevent programs from being cut or eliminated.  


How do I apply for a grant through The Gift of Music Foundation? 

Funding for grants will come from individual and corporate donations, and will obviously take a bit longer to build sufficient reserves.  As grant programs become available, the process and requirements for application will be outlined here.  Make sure to check back often, signup for our e-mail newsletter, and follow us on social media for exciting announcements as they are released!  You will be the first to know when our grant program is up and running.