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The Gift of Music Access To Instruments Program

As a non-profit foundation, our mission is entirely focused on serving the needs of music students, teachers, and programs– not shareholders or on “the bottom line.”  It’s at the very core of our values: we believe every child should have access to a quality musical instrument at a price that fits into the parent’s budget.  We also believe that the process should be simple and fair:  A simple contract, flexible & easy payment options, no credit checks, and a quick, paperless process (whenever possible.)  Plus, our programs support our mission to make music education accessible to every child!

  • STUDENTS: get the quality instrument they need to participate in band or orchestra.
  • PARENTS: can afford the cost of the instrument and its care.
  • DIRECTORS: increase participation in their programs with students on quality instruments.

Our Instrument Programs:  Designed with students, parents, AND directors in mind.  We ONLY offer brand-name, well made, “Director Approved” instruments such as Conn-Selmer (and its many subsidiaries), Jupiter, Yamaha, and many more.

Partner Program:  Become an instrument program partner with us, and receive a new or nearly new student level instrument, mouthpiece, & accessories.  Every dollar paid into your program goes toward the (optional) purchase of the instrument, or return any time.  PLUS, you are helping to give the Gift of Music to others!   This program is available to everyone.

Reduced Program*:   A previously enjoyed student level instrument that has gone through our complete cleaning and/or refurbishing process.  A quality, “director approved” student instrument, with a very affordable monthly cost.   *Must meet income/need requirements to qualify.

Free Program**:  For those who qualify, we offer “gifted” instruments to students or music programs at no monthly cost.   More information can be found on in the FAQ section**Must meet income/need requirements to qualify.  A $5/month admin fee ($25 per semester) is required.

All Programs Feature:

  • NO Credit Check.
  • NO Hidden Fees or surprises, ever!
  • NO Inflated Purchase Prices.
  • Simple, Straightforward, Fair Contract.
  • Paperless Process. Rent and sign digitally online.
  • Delivery to School or Home.
  • On-Site Repair & Maintenance (RAMP)*
  • Return & Cancel Anytime.
  • Supporting the work of THE GIFT OF MUSIC FOUNDATION

 *In schools/areas covered by Big Note Music Mobile Instrument Repair

Instrument Program Monthly Rates: RAMP” INCLUDED!

While we strive to have every instrument in stock, all rentals are subject to inventory availability.

  Instrument: Partner Program  Reduced Program* Free Program**
Flute 29.99 14.99 $0 Rental Fee
Clarinet 29.99 14.99 $0 Rental Fee
Alto Sax 39.99 19.99 $0 Rental Fee
Tenor Sax 49.99 24.99 $0 Rental Fee
Trumpet 29.99 14.99 $0 Rental Fee
Trombone 29.99 14.99 $0 Rental Fee
Percussion Kit 29.99 14.99 $0 Rental Fee
Violin Coming Soon! 14.99 $0 Rental Fee
Viola Coming Soon! 14.99 $0 Rental Fee
Cello Coming Soon! 27.99 $0 Rental Fee

*Reduced Program is available to those who qualify.

**Free Program is available to those who qualify and requires a $25 per semester (~$5/month) administrative fee per instrument.  This fee is due upon receipt of the instrument, and at the start of each new semester.  A $10 admin fee is due at the start of summer break if you wish to keep the instrument(s).  These fees are non-refundable.

Our “R.A.M.P.” Repair and Maintenance Program means Piece of Mind!

The last thing you have time to do is take your child’s instrument to a music shop, wait days or weeks for repair, then go back to pick it up with a huge repair bill waiting.  Those days are over!  Thanks to a great partnership with Big Note Mobile Instrument Repair, your rental instrument is taken care of right at your child’s school, most of the time the same day!

RAMP” is INCLUDED in all instrument programs at NO COST!

Optional Coverage: Insures you 100% against loss, damage, or theft.

$5.99/month (Partner Program)

$2.99/month (Reduced Program)

This optional coverage protects you completely if the instrument is lost, stolen, or destroyed.   No deductible & no surprises = additional piece of mind!