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The Gift of Music Access To Instruments Program

As a non-profit organization, our mission is focused on serving the needs of music students, teachers, and programs – not shareholders or “the bottom line.”  We believe every child should have access to a quality musical instrument at a price that fits into the parent’s budget.  We also believe that the process should be simple and fair:  A simple contract, flexible & easy payment options, no credit checks, and a quick, paperless process (whenever possible.)  Plus, our programs support our mission to make music education accessible to every child!

  • STUDENTS: get the quality instrument they need to participate in band or orchestra.
  • PARENTS: can afford the cost of the instrument and its care.
  • DIRECTORS: increase participation in their programs with students on quality instruments.

Our Instrument Rental Programs

The Access To Instruments Program was designed with students, parents, and directors in mind.  We offer brand-name, “Director Approved” instruments as well as fully-reconditioned instruments acquired through our donation programs.

Partner Program:  Become an instrument program partner with us, and rent a new or nearly new student level instrument, mouthpiece, & accessories.  This is a no-contract, no-credit-check, rent-to-own program.  you may cancel at any time by simply returning the instrument.  Best of all, you are helping to give the Gift of Music to others, as a portion of all rentals help support our other benefit-based rental programs.

Reduced Program*:   The same easy rent-to-own rental program available at greatly-reduced monthly prices available for those who meet eligibility requirement.  These are primarily high-quality reconditioned student-level instruments, with affordable monthly rental fees.

Gift of Music Program**:  For those who qualify, we offer “gifted” instruments at no monthly cost.  (A $25 annual application fee is required.)  These are instruments that are appropriate for beginner students and come from our inventory of donated and refubished instruments.

* Income restrictions apply.  See application for details

** Must meet eligibility requirements and have director approval.

All Programs Feature:

  • No credit check.
  • No hidden fees or surprises.
  • No inflated purchase prices.
  • No long-term contract – cancel any time.
  • Delivery to School or Home.
  • On-site Repair And Maintenance Program (RAMP). (Geographic limitations apply).
  • Supporting the work of THE GIFT OF MUSIC FOUNDATION

Partner Rental Program Pricing:

All rentals are subject to inventory availability.

Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone, Percussion Kit $29.99/mo
Alto Saxophone $49.99/mo
Comprehensive Coverage Plan

Optional protection against loss, theft, or extensive damage



Additional Rental Program Options:

Reduced Program

Income restrictions apply. 


Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone,         Percussion Kit.  Alto Sax higher.)

Gift of Music Program

Must meet eligibility requirements.  *Requires $25 annual fee

No monthly charge*
Comprehensive Coverage Plan

Optional protection against loss, theft, or extensive damage


Peace of mind for your instrument

RAMP (Repair And Maintenance Program) means your instrument is always in good condition

Thanks to a great partnership with Big Note Mobile Instrument Repair, your rental instrument is taken care of right at your child’s school, often the same day.

RAMP is included in all instrument programs at NO COST!

The RAMP provides standard upkeep required to keep your rented instrument in playing condition with no additional charges.  This includes adjustments and minor repairs.

Optional Comprehensive Coverage Plan protects you completely

The CCP protects against the loss or theft of your instrument, as well as protecting against major damages and repairs.  (Limitations apply).

$5.99/month (Partner Program)  |  $2.99/month (Reduced or Gift of Music Program)