Chris Monroe | Executive Director

Several years ago, we were contacted by Kathryn Gale who heads up the Jordan Dickerson Memorial Share the Music Foundation to discuss partnership possibilities that would strengthen both of our missions.   After hearing Jordan’s story and the impact his life had on so many others, we definitely wanted to help build awareness of his legacy and “Gift of Music.”

Jordan’s biggest passion was music starting as a toddler. When asked to sing a song by family members or neighbors, he belted it out in a full bravado from his belly and from that moment on a star was born!  His desire to play music began as a freshman in high school after receiving a guitar as a Christmas gift.  He was a self-taught musician and played the guitar and piano mostly by ear. He also encouraged others to get involved in music and spent time encouraging them to sing or teaching them to play. Paying forward his love for music resulted in many others loving and being inspired by music as well.

Sadly however, Jordan also battled with addiction.  While in recovery, Jordan mentored others and helped many of them to recovery. Unfortunately, Jordan’s own battle was very tough and ultimately, took his life. He passed away Christmas Eve, 2015 from an accidental overdose. His addiction was such a small part of who he was.  Jordan will be remembered for his innate ability to light up any room he walked into and make anyone he met feel special.  He will be remembered for his love of life and the positive way in which he led it, his compassion, grace, and the impact he had on everyone he came in contact with.

Since partnering with TGOMF, Kathryn, Jordan’s mom, and other supporters of the JDMSTMF have raised over $6,000.00 and donated a number of musical instruments in Jordan’s name.  As a result, Jordan’s legacy and memory will continue on by providing the “Gift of Music” to more than a dozen beginning music students across Metro Atlanta.

Most notably, TGOMF used part of these fund and instruments to grant “Fish Christmas Wishes” in partnership with 104.7 FM the “FISH” last month. 

Xavier Wiley enjoys his gift provided through the Jordan Dickerson Memorial Share the Music Foundation

Here is another wish that we saw and were able to grant thanks to the JDMSTMF:

“My husband had a kidney transplant last January 2017. He is doing great but this year financially with an additional cost of medication has made finances tight. My son is 13 and wants an acoustic guitar. Our bills and life expenses are mostly taken care of, but there isn’t anything left over and Christmas is coming faster than it should this year.”

Meet Xavier Wiley from Stone Mountain.  Much like Jordan, he is “self-taught” as a musician and also received his new guitar on Christmas morning!  Many thanks to the love and generosity of the JDMSTMF for working alongside TGOMF to give the Gift of Music to those who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford it.

In addition to the instrument(s), each Christmas Wish family also received information on Jordan’s Foundation and life.  Learn more about Jordan and ways to support the JDMSTMF on their website: https://jordandickersonsharethemusic.weebly.com/