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No.  While helping music programs in schools is a big part of what we do, our mission is to help sustain the Gift of Music everywhere.  This includes independent musicians, music groups, and church music ministries.

No!  Choruses, Choirs, and Vocal Groups of all types are definitely a big part of the Gift of Music.

Obviously, an endeavor this big takes a LOT of resources in the form of donations to make it a reality.  After our initial “ramp up” period, we plan to roll out these programs as we have the funds, resources, staff, and infrastructure in place.  Make sure to stay up to date on all of the latest announcements by signing up for our newsletter and following us on social media.

We want to make sure that resources are going to individuals and programs that have the greatest passion for music education and performance, and also display the greatest need.  As programs are rolled out, the qualification process for each program will be fully outlined.

To start, yes.  However, our vision and long-term plans include opening chapters for The Gift of Music Foundation across the USA!

Our biggest needs right now are money, instruments, and getting the word out about TGOMF.  Please use our Social Media Kit to help spread the word on your personal and/or music organization’s Facebook, Twitter, website, and other pages.  Own a business?  Become an Instrument Donation Drop-off Location!   Want to become a volunteer?  Click Here.  Have something else you can donate that can help?  Contact Us and let’s talk about it!