shutterstock_252732529If you have spent any time in a music program, you are all too familiar with cheesecake, wrapping paper, cookie dough, soft drink, and fruit-sale fundraisers.  While these can be somewhat successful, there are always the logistical issues of receiving, storing, and delivering the products.  In addition, you generally only keep about 50-60% of the profit. 

We are working to develop new and innovative fundraising opportunities for your music program through The Gift of Music Foundation!  This will include the opportunity for matching fund-raising programs where you collect more than 100% of the money raised. 

As our fund-raising programs become available, the information will be outlined here.  Make sure to check back often, signup for our e-mail newsletter, and follow us on social media for exciting announcements as they are released!  You will be the first to know when our fund-raising programs are up and running.