Impact & Outreach Kit. You Can Help Give the Gift of Music!


(For Individual Volunteers, & Community Volunteer Chapters (CVCs)

One of the biggest questions we get all of the time is: “How can I help?”  If you believe in the mission of The Gift of Music Foundation and want to help make a difference, there are numerous ways to you can get involved!  From starting your very own personalized fundraising campaign, to finding & collecting instrument donations, spreading the word on social media, to simply buying and selling things online, or creating your very own events, this kit will help you maximize your impact and outreach for TGOMF.

Individual FundraiserStart you own personalized fundraising campaign:

With just a few clicks, you can create your very own fundraising campaign for TGOMF!  This allows you to use your own picture and tell your story in your own words.  Individual fundraisers click HERE or go to to begin.  NOTE: Community Volunteer Chapter (CVC) Team Captains will receive their own project specific link separately to set up fundraisers and share with members of their team.



GOMF InstrumentsHelp find Instruments for Donation:

They’re in closets, attics, and basements all over the USA— Instruments that haven’t seen the light of day in years.  You can help find those instruments by reaching out to your friends, family, and neighbors along with schools and churches in your community and turn them into donations!   Simply go (or send donors) to the TGOMF Instrument Donations Page and fill out a ticket: You can even hold a special instrument drive at your school, church, business, or organization.  Please e-mail for more information and for all of the tools you’ll need to succeed!



social_media_icons_largeHarness the POWER of the Web & Social Media!

Make sure you’re following us on all of our social media sites.  Then, tell your friends, family, and co-workers about TGOMF by liking, sharing, re-tweeting, tagging, and posting our social media stories and links on your own pages & feeds.   Invite others friends to do the same!   This is absolutely free, and something everyone on with internet access can do.

Find our Social Media Links HERE



Sign up for our e-newsletter:

And get your friends, family, and co-workers to sign up as well!  This allows us to stay in contact with fans and supporters of TGOMF with updates on new programs, fundraising campaigns, volunteer opportunities, and other exciting news from the Foundation.  Plus, it helps to build our database of donors and supporters!  This is another FREE and EASY way to help make an impact.




Volunteer CenterHelp find other great Volunteers like you (and sign up for other opportunities too!)

We are always looking for talented, motivated, and engaged volunteers to join our team.  All of our current volunteer opportunities can be found at TGOMF Volunteer Center Portal:  All volunteer candidates must complete an online application.  Share this with your friends on social media, in your CVC, at church, at work, etc. 





AmazonUse this link when you shop on Amazon:

Make sure to bookmark this link and whenever you shop on Amazon, start here: percentage of every purchase will go to TGOMF.  It doesn’t change anything about your shopping experience on Amazon and you don’t pay any more!  Oh, and make sure to SHARE this link!





2015-e4C-btn-favorite-style-3 Sell your stuff on eBay and give a percentage to TGOMF:

Like to sell stuff on eBay?  Here’s an easy way to automatically give a percentage of everything you sell (from 10-100%).  Just start with this link:   Know others that sell on eBay?  Make sure they know about this great way to support TGOMF!


GOMF Get InvolvedHost your Own Fundraising Event for TGOMF!

There are many other ways you can help TGOMF in your community, school, church, band/orchestra/chorus, where you work, or club you’re a part of.  Examples:

A car-wash, bake sale, etc.
A concert or performance
An instrument drive to collect donations
A special fundraising drive or offering

We’ll make sure you have everything you need to succeed!  Just email Chris Monroe at with your idea to get started.


Write a glowing review about TGOMF on!

Here’s your chance to tell everyone just how awesome you think TGOMF is 🙂  These reviews directly help our ratings not only on but also on GuideStar!  Go HERE to write and submit your review, and don’t forget to submit some great pictures and/or videos if possible!