FAQs:  Frequently Asked Questions.

 What does “Purchase Option” mean?   With each monthly investment into the Partner or Reduced Instrument Programs, you are building ownership in the instrument.  You will own the instrument after: a.) making all payments as outlined in the program agreement, or b.) paying the remaining balance in full at any time.

Can I Cancel My Program Contract?    Yes.  All program contracts can be canceled by returning the instrument at any time.   For programs w/a “purchase option” (partner & reduced programs) you would forfeit all program payments made on the agreement toward the purchase of the instrument and would not be entitled to any refund.  In the free program, no portion of the administration fee is refundable.  No pro-rated refunds are given for partial months.

What Are my Payment Options?   All payments are made conveniently via recurring credit or debit card charge.  If you do not have a credit or debit card, we may also accept cash or money order payments via a lockbox in the band or orchestra room, but this will be at the discretion and approval of each director/school.  You may also mail a money order to us at: The Gift of Music Foundation, 995 Roswell St NE, Suite 326, Marietta GA 30060-2186.    No personal checks are accepted.

What is RAMP?   Acronym for our “Repair and Maintenance Plan.”  This is Included with every rental!

Why shouldn’t I just purchase the $99 “instrument package” I see at Discount Stores or Online?   These “Instruments” are little more than toys, and are very poor quality.  When they break, usually they cannot even be repaired.  Many directors also highly discourage these instruments due to their poor tone quality, intonation, etc.  We only offer well made, well-known brands that will ensure your child is learning to play on a quality, real instrument. 

How Can I Quality for the “Reduced” or “Free” Program?   Individuals: If you are on any form of public assistance (Section 8, WIC, SNAP, EBT, SSI, etc.) or if your student is on free/reduced lunch.  Schools:  If your school is a “Title 1” school with 75% or greater ‘Free and Reduced Lunch.”

Why does the “Free Program” still have a cost?   While the rental use of the instrument itself is being gifted by the Foundation, there are many costs associated with administering the program that make this gift possible.  These include shipping, cleaning, repair, administrative costs, and delivery costs, among others.  The administration fee ensures that this program will continue to be available to those who need it.  The small charge partially covers our costs and helps us to put more instruments in the hands of students truly interested in learning music.