Is Music The Key To Success?


13MUSIC-blog427This op-ed piece from the New York Times is from a few years back, but the truth it contains is timeless.   Joanne Lipman took the time to talk to some of the world’s most successful people – all of whom shared a common bond of musical training – and asked what they believed were keys to their success.  By now, it’s widely accepted that music education has tangible benefits to cognitive learning in areas like math and reading comprehension.  But what else do people like Condoleezza Rice, Alan Greenspan, and billionaire Bruce Kovner say they gained from music?  The ability to collaborate.  To listen.  The power to focus on the present and the future simultaneously.  Music opened up their minds to creative thinking, and the results cannot be argued.

This is just one more of the many confirmations that lead us to actively support music education as a necessity for our youth.  More hard evidence. Because music matters. 

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