Musical Dreams Come True


The Gift of Music Foundation is very proud to have played a key role in creating some amazing smiles during the holiday season.  Several Atlanta-area kids were selected to receive musical instruments from The Gift of Music to help foster their love for music and help them grow as musicians.

  • The Torres Family:   This is a wonderful, hard-working family whose 8 year old daughter Diana recently discovered her talent and love of the piano.  She has been taking lessons and her teacher has been amazed at her talent.   However, she only had a small, partially-working keyboard to practice on.  The family struggles to keep the bills paid and simply had no way to make Diana’s wish of a new digital piano to fully evolve her talents come true anytime soon.  Thankfully, we were able to!
  • The Webber Family:  This family has been through a LOT.  Dad has been on multiple long term deployments in the military, and the mom has serious health issues.  Then their 8-year-old son was attacked and mauled by a dog a few years ago.  His injuries were nearly fatal and left him permanently scarred both visibly and mentally.  It was suggested that he learn to play musical instruments to help him with his recovery and to increase the chances of developing his cognitive skills in ways that other therapies couldn’t.  The other siblings also wanted to learn to play and had asked Santa for instruments as well.  This simply was out of reach for the parents due to their econimic hardships.  The Gift of Music was able to donate a complete drum set, a guitar, and a trumpet to the family just before Christmas!   You can’t deny how happy they were!

None of this is possible without the generous support we receive year-round.  Donations of money and instruments are how The Gift of Music Foundation is able to really make a difference.  We thank all of our supporters!