National “Buy a Musical Instrument Day” is Friday 22 May!


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By Chris Monroe, The Gift of Music Foundation

You haven’t heard of this important holiday?  Well mark your calendars now.  Every year, May 22nd is “National Buy a Musical Instrument Day” and we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than asking for your donation of new or used instruments for The Gift of Music Foundation!  Many students, parents, schools, and other music groups simply can’t afford the instrument(s) they need, and we want to change that!  Help us this Friday with your donation of a new or used musical instrument, get a tax deduction, and give the Gift of Music to a needy student or program.  You can begin the donation process by clicking on “Donate An Instrument” from the home page of our website: and follow the instructions.  Right now, our drop-off locations are limited so you can ship it to the address on the donation form, or contact the instrument team: to schedule a pick up.  Thank you so much for helping to keep The Gift of Music ALIVE!

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Celebrated each year on May 22, it is National Buy a Musical Instrument Day.  It is all about playing music.  If you are a musician, it might be time for a new instrument.  Maybe you can learn to play a second or third one.  If you have never played an instrument before, now that school is almost out for the summer, this is a good starting point.

National Buy a Musical Instrument Day is not just for school aged children, this holiday is for people of all ages.  One is never too old to learn something new.  You maybe have always wanted to play the piano or the guitar.  It is possible that playing an instrument is on one’s “bucket list

If you are young or old, musically experienced or just beginning, May 22nd is the day to go instrument shopping.

Music is the universal language shared among all.