Completing Your Donation Pledge

Please complete your instrument donation within thirty (30) days of pledging.  Upon receiving the instrument(s), we will mail an official tax receipt to you.


Thank you for making this part of your donation!  You may use any shipping method you wish.  Any UPS Store or FedEx Office can also help you pack with the right box if necessary.  Please make sure your name and address are included on the return label, and ship your pledge within thirty (30) days to: The Gift of Music Foundation Instrument Donation Center 590 Commerce Park Dr SE, Suite 175, Marietta, GA 30060

WE PAY Shipping


The label or QR code will come to you via email.   You can print and affix to box, or any UPS Store can print your label from a QR code on your mobile device.  (Choose the “UPS Direct to Mobile email” option.)   

If needed, any UPS Store can help you box your instrument for shipping!  NOTE: UPS Store packing service cannot be billed directly to us yet.  We will reimburse you for these charges upon request.

Take instrument or package to any FedEx Store or Authorized Partner

Tell clerk to Bill Shipping and Packing (if needed) to RECEIVER: (The Gift of Music Foundation)  Account #: 779990575  (Our address is already in the system)

They can also box and pack your instrument!   These services can also be charged to our account!

Click HERE to create a pre-paid shipping label or QR Code.  (If required, use DONATION as the “Order Number.”)   The label or QR code will come to you via email. 

If you don’t have a printer, you can take the QR code to any post office and they will print the label for you.  

Affix the label to your package and give to your postal carrier, take to a post office, or even Schedule a FREE Pick-Up from your Home or Office.

DROP OFF at Atlanta Donation Center

We are open M-F from 9 AM to 5 PM to accept your donation, and weekends by appointment only.   You may also schedule a weekday appointment to let us know you’ll be coming, but this isn’t required.  

The Gift of Music Foundation Instrument Donation Center, 590 Commerce Park Dr SE, Suite 175, Marietta, GA 30060


We may be able to pick up your donation within Metro Atlanta.  Look for a separate email to let you know when we will be in your area.  If the instrument can be left outside in a covered and accessible area, you need not be home or have any contact with the team member on the day of pick up.  We will mail your tax receipt once your donation is processed.

Thank you for supporting The Gift of Music Foundation!  We will use your instrument donation(s) in one of the following ways:

  • Refurbish as necessary and place directly into our “Access to Instruments Program.”  This is an income based program with greatly reduced and free instruments to those who qualify.
  • Sell to raise funds for our programs.  Depending on our current instrument stock and needs.  This often allows us to turn your donation into MULTIPLE instruments and classes!

 Our model is innovative, and it’s helping HUNDREDS of kids.  Either way, you are helping a beginning music student and keeping music education ALIVE!