It’s a well known fact that learning how to play an instrument has numerous benefits that will serve children well in life, even outside of the music world. But how do you decide which instrument is best for your child to start learning from a young age? As their parent, you know what the like or don’t like, and where their potential is the strongest. But to help you decide, we have put together a list of five different instruments great for beginners, along with reasons why.


The recorder is one of the most simple and basic instruments to learn how to play, and is often a required instrument in elementary school music classes. It serves as a basic education in how to create sounds with air and how to use breath support. Learning simple melodies and songs is quick and easy, and can help prepare kids to play more complex woodwind options. It serves as a great transitional instrument for your child’s early music education.


There’s a reason that guitars are some of the most popular instruments on the planet. With only six chords, it’s easy to learn how to play almost any song once you get a grip on the basics. You can also apply what you’ve learned with any other type of guitar. There is a learning curve when it comes to finger placement and handling the strings, but once you have down those basics, the skills easily transfer.


A lot of researchers recommend the piano as the first instrument for a child to learn. This is because the piano serves as a stepping stone towards understand other musical instruments – it serves as a great stepping stone because the tones and keys of a piano are easy to identify. Pianos also need very little tuning, needing tuning only about twice a year.


A 3-piece drum set is a great starting point for your child to begin to learn the basics of coordination, rhythm, and beat when it comes to music. Children will enjoy hitting the drums and the sound it creates when they do. It also allows for a lot of improvisation, which can help kids develop their own style and sense for music.


The violin is a complex instrument that can be hard to learn. That’s why if your child shows an interest in it, it’s best to start early. With a head start from a younger age, they can learn the basics like instrument handling, hand and finger movement, and proper techniques. A violin is a great instrument to learn because it can be played both solo and in a group, and across multiple music genres.

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